2022 - 2027 Bond

2022 - 2027 General BOND INFO (Update)

Provided by the D1 Mario Bravo Council Office

Council offices will be selecting constituents for the Community Bond Committees.  These committees will review the bond project proposals and make recommendations to council for what should move forward to the ballot.


Each Council District will appoint 3 people for each project type. There are five project types, so they will need 15 appointees from each district.  The Mayor will also appoint 13 people (2 to each committee plus 3 tri-chairs).


The project type categories this cycle are:


  • Streets, Bridges, & Sidewalks
  • Drainage & Flood Control
  • Parks
  • Facilities
  • Housing


Public Works Department (PWD) will deliver an orientation packet to each councilmember.  This packet will include more details about the Community Bond Committees, such as a guide for selection, conflicts of interest, member duties, commitment levels, etc.




Each Community Bond Committee will meet from mid-October through December. The tentative schedule will be a minimum of 4 meetings for each committee, meeting every-other week. The meetings will likely be in-person only and held in the evenings. They will be recorded. The public is encouraged to attend and there will be time for public comment at the meetings. Some council offices may hold additional meetings for their committee members.


Appointees must be selected by October 13.


The Community Bond Committees will work with city staff for review and make recommendations to Council.

Community bond committees' recommendation to go to the Bond Executive Committee members appointed by the Mayor.

The proposed projects will be presented to City Council in January 2022.


In February 2022 City Council will call for Election.


May 7, 2022 the Public will vote on the Proposed Bond.

Contact T1NC

Contact T1NC about the 2022 - 2027 Bond at t1nc.sat@gmail.com

How to Submit a Request

A Toolkit for Neighborhoods

Steering Committee member, Bianca Maldonado, has put together some pointers on how neighborhoods can submit bond projects. While those with power and money get their projects on the list, neighborhood residents struggle with the process. The City should have put out a toolkit for residents, but as usual, we have to figure it out for ourselves. Good thing we have Bianca to share her knowledge. This is what T1NC is all about

The Council offices are preparing to appoint the Community Bond Committees for the 2022 Bond.  There is still time to submit Bond project ideas to your Council members.


Here is a guide to how the process works and some things to keep in mind.


Bond monies are used for capital projects only; maintenance projects are not eligible.

  • Capital projects are things like streets, drainage, parks, and facilities.
  • Alley projects are NOT eligible for bond funding, nor is maintenance of a drainage culvert.
  • Bond projects for streets must include curbs, sidewalks, and streets and be complete RECONSTRUCTION projects. Street maintenance is not eligible.
  • Bond funds are usually reserved for large projects. The smallest valued bond project in the 2017 Bond was $250K.


Once a project is submitted to a Council Office or at a Bond Citizen Committee meeting, city staff will estimate, determine scope, and legal language for the ballot item.

  • All bond projects are unique estimates.
  • One third of the funds estimated for each bond project funds the city staff who manage the bond projects.
  • You don’t need to know the cost of the project in order to submit your idea.


Need project ideas? Look at previous bond projects.

All the details are here: https://www.sanantonio.gov/2017bond

  • The 2017-2022 bond is front and center on the main page.
  • On the left side of the web page there are links to the 2012 bond, and 2007 bond.
  • Each individual bond page will have all the committee presentations, public input, and response City Staff provided to requests received.
  • The presentations detail if the project was district specific or considered City Wide and if there was leveraged funding (money contribution) or resources (design services, maintenance after completed fact).
  • See what other groups have submitted under HANDOUTS.


READ the list of projects recommended to the Bond Committees for your Council District.

  • City staff has submitted a list of recommended projects to each district.
  • Your Council office can share this list with constituents.
  • VOICE your opinion if you believe the recommendations are a priority and highest and best use of the bond monies.


Get your community behind a project.

  • Send a letter from your board to the Council Office and then go as a citizen to speak at the bond committee meeting.  Take a group.  Get a petition signed.
  • The goal is to get your project on the Council Committee list which goes to city staff and HOPEFULLY makes it to staff's recommendation to the bond committee.
  • If your project is not on staff's recommendation list to the committee, be prepared to state why YOUR project should be selected over a staff recommended project for your DISTRICT.
  • Take photos of existing conditions and then articulate what improvements you want to see.


Keep in mind, not all project s will be approved. The Bond Committees cannot add more money to Council District's project pot of money.  But your Council office and the Bond Committees can make changes to which projects get recommended.


When I served on the 2017 Street Committee, we scrapped all of staff's recommendations. We still had to work with the Council office and city staff to have new projects scoped, estimated, and added within the confines of the original funding parameters from staff's initial recommendations.  NO additional monies are added, just re-shuffling of funds and project scopes.


It can be done.



Bond Committee Information

Community Bond Committees

Informational Guide

2022 Bond Program Overview

The City’s long-term Debt Management Plan includes a General Obligation Bond Program every five years to fund

major capital infrastructure projects throughout the City. In May 2022, San Antonio residents will consider a $1.2

billion municipal bond program. This bond program is larger than the $850 million voter-approved bond program

in 2017. If approved by voters in May 2022, the city-issued debt will support key infrastructure projects in five categories: Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks, Drainage and Flood Control, Parks Recreation and Open Space, Facilities and Housing. There is no recommended increase in the City’s Ad Valorem Tax Rate to support the 2022 – 2027

Bond Program.

Community Bond Committees

There will be a Community Bond Committee for each of the five categories:

City of San Antonio | September 30, 2021 1

Community Bond Committee Composition

Each Committee will have three citizen appointments per City Council District and two citizen appointments by the Mayor serving as Co-Chairs of the Committee for a total of (32) representatives per Committee. Additionally, the Mayor will appoint three Tri-Chairs who will provide oversight for all five Committees. The (10) Co-Chairs and three Tri-Chairs will serve as the Bond Committee Executive Team. The citizen bond committees will be  appointed to recommend through consensus a prioritized list of capital improvement projects for City Council consideration in January 2022.

Community Bond Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The Community Bond Committees will serve in an advisory capacity to recommend capital improvement projects for possible inclusion within the proposed 2022-2027 Bond Program. After each Committee has examined their respective areas, it shall provide the Bond Committee Executive Team (the eight Co-Chairs) a draft of its findings and recommendations. The Committee Co-Chairs will lead and facilitate committee meetings ensuring adequate record-keeping is performed to document each meeting. Each committee will focus on their specified areas providing information, priorities and recommendations within the proposed total Bond category amount.

Responsibilities of the members will include:

 Collect public input on community recommended projects

 Evaluate and respectfully discuss project recommendations

 Recommend projects consistent with approved 2022 Bond Guiding Principals

 Ensure all committee members and citizens have the opportunity to participate

 Consistent meeting attendance and participation

 Adhering to the City of San Antonio’s Code of Ethics

Community Bond Committee Meetings

The Citizen Bond Committees will meet from late October through December 2021. During these three months,  the Committees will receive a City staff presentation on staff recommended projects and hear testimony from Committee Members and citizens. The Committees will be tasked to evaluate and ultimately propose a prioritized list of projects related to their respective Committee for the 2022 – 2027 Bond Program staying within theamount of the proposed Bond Program allocated to their Committee. The Committees' recommendations will be presented to City Council in January 2021.

An orientation meeting will be scheduled with all Co-Chairs to review meeting facilitation protocols prior to start of the committee meetings. All of the initial committee meetings will include an overview of the committee member’s role and responsibilities, ethics and meeting guidelines.

Member Appointments

Each Council District Member will submit in writing a list of their appointed persons for the five bond committees using the 2022 Bond Program Community Bond Committee Appointments memo template and will also submit needed member information using the 2022 Bond Community Bond Committee Appointments

Roster template to the City Manager’s Office, Office of the City Clerk, City Attorney’s Office and Public Works by end of day Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Questions & Assistance

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact Jessica M. Shirley-Saenz by phone at 210-207-

2209 or email Jessica.shirley-saenz@sanantonio.gov

City of San Antonio | September 30, 2021 2

More About Bond Committee Members' Responsibilities

From a D1 Council Office
The five Community Bond Committees will be tasked to evaluate and ultimately propose a prioritized list of projects related to their respective Committee for the 2022 – 2027 Bond Program. The Committees will be meeting late-October through December. There will be a minimum of four committee meetings during these three months, taking place in-person and during the evenings. The Committees will receive a city staff presentation on staff recommended projects and hear testimony from Committee Members and citizens.
Responsibilities of the members will include:
  • Collect public input on community recommended projects
  • Evaluate and respectfully discuss project recommendations
  • Recommend projects consistent with approved 2022 Bond Guiding Principals
  • Ensure all committee members and citizens have the opportunity to participate
  • Consistent meeting attendance and participation
  • Adhering to the City of San Antonio’s Code of Ethics