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Tier One Neighborhood Coalition (T1NC) is a horizontally-aligned group of over fifty neighborhoods within and around San Antonio’s Loop 410. Our activities are facilitated by a group of about 12 - 15 Steering Committee members from each council district. We work through committees on such issues as demolitions, zoning and land use, neighborhood resources, homeless issues, displacement, and more.


The Tier One Neighborhood Coalition (T1NC) is a group of San Antonio inner city neighborhoods organized to promote broad-based citizen participation in public policy issues through support, education, and advocacy. Our mission advocates for a balance between protecting and enhancing the built environment of San Antonio’s older neighborhoods through sustainable public policies while preserving community resilience and culture. At the heart of Tier One's mission is the idea that  people who live in our neighborhoods have a strong voice in determining the future of their  communities.




Partnering with the City of San Antonio whenever possible, T1NC hosts educational/ informational workshops to address neighborhood policies such as the new SA Comprehensive Plan, land use, zoning, neighborhood capacity-building, planning, and relevant Council Consideration Requests (CCRs) such as the Short-Term Rental and Infill Development Zoning ordinances.

In addition, T1NC disseminates information impacting San Antonio’s neighborhoods such as transportation and capital improvement projects, neighborhood displacement, infill development, and affordable housing to all Coalition members. T1NC also offers neighborhoods a forum to discuss, to advise, to support, and to organize around issues and concerns common to its members.

With such a large coalition, forty-plus of San Antonio’s inner-city neighborhoods, there exist differing opinions, priorities, and approaches in addressing neighborhood issues.

However, the common belief is that the people who live in these communities—people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, socio-economic strata, renters, owners, legacy, and newcomers—should all have a voice in the decisions affecting their neighborhood.


These residents understand their communities better than anyone else and should be considered equal partners in the development of the City of San Antonio's - enacted policies. After all, they ultimately live with the consequences of those policies.

T1NC not only cares about the people who live in these neighborhoods but also cares about integrating protection and preservation of San Antonio’s older neighborhoods and smart, sustainable policies. T1NC encourages diverse and affordable yet sensitive housing development, transit policies that improve neighborhood connectivity, and walkability which allows neighbors to interact. Combining these factors not only acknowledges a neighborhood’s history and uniqueness but also enriches its future and longevity.

T1NC promotes policies and practices which provide decision-makers at all levels the tools, such as neighborhood plans working alongside the SA Comprehensive Plan, to make this a reality.



Tier One Neighborhood Coalition, a living example of democracy at its best, exemplifies engaged citizenry working alongside elected and appointed officials working for a brighter future for San Antonio neighborhoods.