Who We Are


 Tier One Neighborhood Coalition (T1NC) is a horizontally-aligned group of neighborhoods within and around San Antonio’s Loop 410 representing almost all city council districts to ensure that resident voices are an integral part of the decision-making process in City decisions made about our neighborhoods. We do not  discriminate against anyone based on income, gender, race, religion, sexual bias, national origin, or age.  One is non-partisan and there are no dues. We are still evolving and adapting.


Steering Committee

Because we are a coalition, we have no board. We have a Steering Committee of members from different districts to facilitate and coordinate activities that fulfill our mission. We don't represent: we work together for common goals and issues.


What we do


  • Educate and share knowledge: T1 has held workshops on zoning and other issues that impact our city and neighborhoods, so that members are better equipped to make and represent decisions about their communities and to better serve on boards, commissions, and task forces. We also share knowledge through a webpage, a newsletter, an email list, and FB page, as well as by speaking at neighborhood meetings and working on committees on different issues together.
  • Advocate: We work to promote  good neighborhood and community policies in  government. We serve on task forces and commissions, advocate with elected officials, and write about issues in the press to elevate our concerns.
  •  Support: T1 creates a space for neighborhoods to organize and  support one another at Planning and Zoning Commissions, Board of Adjustment, and at HDRC. We work together on important issues such as homelessness, neighborhood and cultural preservation, and environmental concerns such as stormwater runoff.


Contact T1NC

We are always happy to come to neighborhood or board meetings to talk about what we do, always respectful of time limitations. 

For more information contact t1nc.sat@gmail.com