Affordable Housing and Displacement Committee

Chairs:  Leti Sanchez, Cynthia Spielman, Christina Wright


 This committee seeks to elevate the issues of displacement to recommend solutions to stabilize our neighborhoods because the most affordable housing we have is the housing we live in now, but not for long. We also work to recommend solutions to the production of new affordable housing by serving on task forces and by working with and supporting housing advocates.
The prevention of displacement and the preservation of current affordable housing as well as the production of new affordable housing takes a multi - pronged approach. The issues can be  overwhelming so the committee has narrowed the goals into immediate steps that will be further broken down so that the work can be accomplished.

Current Goals

1. Share knowledge with community (and just as importantly, they with us) regarding affordable housing funding and issues. We need to elevate their issues and concerns.  We will create a folder in our AHD Committee folder and begin putting in information for the purpose of a toolkit and/or workshop. Some topics will include: funding mechanisms, the purview of different boards and commissions and their members, housing plans and documents - summaries or explanations, different areas and the needs, etc. Our audience is NA and/or neighborhood leaders, residents who are needing the services, and housing advocates. This objective will intersect with Neighbor Helping Neighbor Committee, Public Participation Principles Committee. Christina
2. Support for the different task forces, boards and commissions who are working on affordable housing, particularly their community representatives. Make a list of pertinent boards, commissions, committees, and task forces. Attend and speak. Download presentations and issues on BC and put personal observations and remarks at the bottom. Make a list of community members of those entities and reach out to them so they will share information and we can create support. We need to ask community representatives what their plan is to share knowledge and to get resident input. We need to ask the City to provide education to community representatives.

3. Educate the community and getting their input and/or support for the Strategic Housing Implementation Plan before it is finalized.  Cynthia

4. Work on a collaboration or a clearinghouse with other affordable housing advocates so we are not working in a silo. This may take an outside BC or other type of knowledge-sharing mechanism. Lety

5. Work with Councilmembers on their affordable housing priorities. So far,  CW Castillo, CM Courage, CM Bravo, and CW Cabello Havrda have indicated willingness.

7. Work on Bond, ARPA and recommendations for next year's CoSA budget - Councilmembers can help by sharing information. We will need to continue to work on a plan for this issue.


Strategic Housing Implementation Plan (SHIP)

Strategic Housing Implementation Plan site

Read the presentation and briefing  at the Planning & Community Development Council Committee by NHSD on the SHIP process and read the SHIP draft here  (It will download to your computer). I can also be downloaded from the agenda for the Planning & Community Development Committee meeting for October 28th.

Read T1NC Committees' letter to council members regarding lack of meaningful public engagement in the adoption of the SHIP. 


 posted November 1
  • Committee members, along with the Steering Committee and the Public Participation Committee members sent a letter to each council member regarding the lack of meaningful public participation in the adoption of the SHIP on November 1.
  •  The committee members have been working with council members on affordable housing funding and the 2022-2027 Bond.
  • Committee members will continue to support community representatives that serve on the various housing related committees and tasks forces, as well as work with councilmembers working on affordable housing and displacement issues.


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