Senior Help

  • Kris Spilker  - Co Chair of the Beacon Hill Neighbor Helping Neighbor Committee
  • Delrick Washington – APS Program Administrator
  • Barbara Witte-Howell -City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs, Commissioner, City Council District 1 Appointee; AARP San Antonio Volunteer Leader
  • Yolanda Perez - Human Services Administrator of theSenior Services Division | Department of Human Services


  • Lisa Woods - D1, Alta Vista Neighborhood Resident
  • Leticia Sanchez-Retamozo - Co-Chair of the Historic Westside Residents Association, Housing Advocate
  • Melanie Cawthon - CoFounder and Executive Director of disAbilitySA
  • Mark Carmona - City of San Antonio, Chief Housing Officer

Animal Care (Dogs & Cats)

  • Kelly Reid Walls-  Animal Welfare Agency Non-Profit, President of Crown Hill Park NA
  • Lisa NorwoodPublic Relations and Outreach Manager at City of San Antonio-Animal Care Services
  • Aimee De Contreras - Field Operations Manager, ACS
  • Kim Hubbeling, Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association Animal Care Committee Chair.

Neighborhood Resiliency

  • Cynthia Spielman Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association Board Member, Steering Committee of the Tier One Neighborhood Coalition
  • Douglas Melnik San Antonio's Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Eric Cooper President and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank


Brian Halderman - SACRD, Chair and Senior Director of Success and Outreach at GivePulse
Presentation on services by district area, and city-wide, to include disparities, intent to highlight disparities




What: Neighbor Helping Neighbor Forum Neighborhood leaders and residents will receive a resource guide, hear panel discussions on some of the issues and complexities of helping neighbors on a ground level, and participation in a forum to create recommendations to city staff and elected officials that would help create a better resource system.

When: Saturday, July 16, 2022
Doors open at 10:30am, panels start at 11:00am, the roundtable starts at 2:15pm

Where: Laurel Heights United Methodist Church at 227 W. Woodlawn

Who: Neighborhood leaders and residents across San Antonio, city staff, nonprofits, and elected officials. 


T1NC, neighborhood residents, city staff, and elected officials will participate in a day focused on some of the issues and complexities of helping neighbors at the ground level to create a better system of communication and delivery of city services and  resources to vulnerable residents. Most importantly, this forum will help neighborhood leaders and  residents help those who are vulnerable in our communities. This is a bottom-up approach to caring for our neighbors.

These four panel topics will be made up of community members, organizations, and city representatives speaking to the heart of the concerns. We'll end in a roundtable that everyone is invited to participate in and for the discussion of how these issues are relevant to budget and policy.


Take home materials will be available. Refreshments will be provided (Sponsored by District 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 9 Council Offices.)


Co Chairs: Cynthia Spielman and Christina Wright

Contact us at