Short Term Rental Ordinance & UDC Amendment 16-2

Short Term Rental Ordinance

T1NC STR Amendment 16-2: The permitted number of Type 2 STRs in any one block face or pithing a multi-family structure shall not round up. Type 2 Short Term Rentals (STRs) shall still be allowed by right on no more than one-eighth (12.5%) of the total number of dwelling units on a block face. The amendment assures compliance and has the support of the Short Term Rental Association of San Antonio.

Note: This page is being updated as information and city processes change. Last updated: August 10, 2022

Short Term Rental Committee Description & Contact

Members of Tier1 Neighborhood Coalition Short Term Rental Committee and   Short Term Rental Association of San Antonio met Wednesday, July 21, 2022 to collaborate in exploring ways to improve enforcement of San Antonio’s Short Term Rental Ordinance. Recognizing the number of specific complaints and examples of egregious problems, we decided to identify the major issues and work together to press for solutions.


If you have questions you may contact Margaret Leeds


Short Term Rental Committee


Margaret Leeds

Bianca Maldonado

Antonio Garcia

Mary Johnson

Steve Versteeg

Shelley Galbraith, President of  Short Term Rental Association of San Antonio

Kelly Martinez

Jeff Stave

Todd Worrich

Gemma Kennedy

Monica Savino



We agreed on the following issues related to inadequate enforcement of the STR ordinance:

  • Funding is needed to improve enforcemet of STR ordinance. We recommend that a request for the funding be included in the FY23 Budget
  • Lack of enforcement of STRs without a permit
  • Lack of payment of HOT...even by those with valid permits
  • Type 1’s operating as Type 2’s
  • Multifamily residences obtain 1 permit, but market multiple STRs at the address
  • Lack of enforcement of STR ordinance requirements for occupancy, parking, etc.
  • Lack of enforcement of other city codes for STRs
  • GIS map needs to be updated

Neighborhood Education

Education of neighborhood residents is necessary to enable them to identify STRs and facilitate appropriate enforcement of the ordinance in their area. There is now a One-Stop map for STRs that everyone can access to determine if an STR is permitted in their neighborhood. The map is not completely accurate, but it is a good place to start. It identifies 4 types of permitted STRs...Type 1 (owner occupied), Type 2 (absentee landlord), Type 1 Grandfathered, and Type 2 Grandfathered.

To Check or Report a Case


To access the map, follow the steps below...You will need to click on each step:

(end of first paragraph)

  1. One Stop Map
  2. Accept
  3. Layers
  4. One Stop
  5. Development  (Remove other check marks, check only “Development”then click on it)
  6. Short Term Rental  (Remove other check marks, check only Short Term Rental, then zoom in to enlarge it until you see balloons marking STRs. Zoom in on a particular balloon to see the house number...
  7. Click on the balloon to open a box with information specific to that address...scroll down to find the STR permit number. Permit numbers that begin with STR 19 should be renewed in 2022.)

Call 311 or use the app to  report the address and the name as well as the VBO or Airbnb number to  Code Enforcement.

Get a Case #.  Go to to check on the progress of the case.

FOR HISTORIC on the additional steps below, then follow the instructions above.

  1. Zoning Data
  2. Historic Districts

(Zoom in on a particular balloon to see the house number...Click on the

balloon to open a box with information specific to that address...scroll

down to find the STR permit number. Permit numbers that begin with

STR 19 should be renewed in 2022.)


To find the name of the owner of the property, go to BUILDSA...follow the steps below online:



Future: BuildSA

To Report a Party House


If you are being troubled by “party house” STRs in your area, Shelley Galbraith, President of Short Term Rental Association San Antonio, advises several avenues for seeking a remedy. You might begin by dialing 311 to report it and get the case number for the report.

Airbnb’s current party ban/policy:


  • Until further notice, all disruptive parties and events are prohibited, regardless of size.
  • When a property that’s listed on Airbnb is causing a disturbance—whether that’s excessive noise, a disruptive party, a gathering of more than 16 people, or unsafe behavior—members of the local community can report it at Neighborhood Support.
  • Hosts who violate this rule and allow guests to throw parties may be subject to account consequences up to and including the removal of their listing.

Recommended steps for any neighbor to take who knows an Airbnb listing is having a party:

  • Get the address of the property.
  • Estimate the number of people at the party, if possible.
  • Have a list of the issues: excessive noise, parking, trash, etc.
  • Call San Antonio Police Non-Emergency number and report the party, citing the problems (noise, parking, disruptive behavior, etc.),  210-207-7273. Make sure you get an SAPD case number.
  • Report the party to Airbnb: either call the neighborhood support line, 855-635-7754, or request a call at On that website there is also a report form to fill out and submit.

VRBO has a helpline at 877-202-9331. They have banned parties as well.