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Important Information about 22-21: Neighborhood Plans and Future Land Use

Please read the information about the Planning Department's 22-21 so that you can comment.



Important Update August 28, 2022


On August 25th the amendments went to the Planning and Community Development Council Committee (PCDC) where there was contention about several amendments. The UDC Committee again raised concerns about a couple of the stipulations in the ADU amendments (the multiple meters which could drive more investor-ownership without adequate enforcement from the City. A stipulation that would help protect these properties was stricken from the amendment)  and the Planning Department's Amendment which seeks to codify corridor plans without public input (these land use plans extend a quarter-mile into the neighborhood on either side of the corridor and can extend out as far as five miles as is the case with the Bandera Road Corridor because of the connector roads. No neighborhood representative sat on the committee to develop that plan.
The PCDC voted for the issues to go before full council at B Session and did not take any action. The reasons were because they felt they had not vetted the issues adequately and that Councilman Rodriguez-McGee (D2) needed to be part of the decision-making because of disagreements from D2 residents about Amendments  about neighborhood notification,   B-Session to hear UDC Amendments will be announced. PCDC members: Adriana Rocha-Garcia (chair), Mario Bravo (D1), Phyllis Viagran (D3), Teri Castillo (D5), and John Courage (D9)
Read about the PCDC meeting here. 
View staff's presentation to the PCDC here
We took 49 letters that represents 35 neighborhood associations/HOAs, two coalitions representing multiple neighborhoods across 8 different Council Districts to the Zoning Commission yesterday to support neighborhood-friendly UDC Amendments and twelve Individuals submitted letters because of their knowledge, engagement, and leadership in their respective communities. IT IS MAKING  A DIFFERENCE!
Alamo Farmsteads Babcock Road NA
Alta Vista NA
Beacon Hill Area NA
Churchill Forest HOA
Churchill Forest NA
Crownhill Park NA
Dellcrest NA
Dellview Area NA
Concerned Citizens of Dignowity Hill
Eastern Triangle Group
Highland Park NA
Historic Westside RA
Ingram Hills NA
Inspiration Hills NA
Keystone NA
King William Association
Las Palmas NA
Mahncke Park NA
Memorial Heights NA
Mission San Jose NA
Monte Vista Historic Association
Monte Vista Terrace NA
North Central Thousand Oaks NA
Oakland Estates NA
River Road NA
Tanglewood RA
Tobin Hill CA
Uptown NA
Via Coronado NA
West End Hope in Action
Westwood Square NA
Woodlawn Lake CA
Los Jardines NA
Monticello Park NA
Lavaca NA
Northside Neighborhoods Organized for Development
Bonnie Connor District 8
Patricia Pratchett - River Road
Gemma Kennedy – River Road
Grace Rose Gonzales – Keystone
Rebecca Davis – Denver Heights
Alan Neff – Denver Heights
Beatrice Moreno - Tobin Hill
Margaret Leeds – King William
Susan Richardson - Lavaca
Monica Savino - Dignowity Hill
Steve Versteeg – Government Hill
Christina Wright – Alta Vista


OUR SUCCESS IS BECAUSE OF YOU! Neighborhood leaders and residents across the city sent letters and left voice comments. It was pretty hard to ignore our issues when so many residents stood up for their neighborhoods.

The UDC codes are the key to stabilizing our neighborhoods. T1NC UDC amendments  that are a result of neighborhood concerns across San Antonio on issues of the public participation process, incompatible development, short term rentals (STRs), Neighborhood Plans, and the regulation of gas stations in residential areas. We were very happy to note and support GEAA’s water management amendments and other amendments from neighborhoods.

We have worked extensively with Development Services Department (DSD) to refine and edit our amendments so that they have the greatest chance of success. We want to express our appreciation to the staff, particularly to Catherine Hernandez, Melissa Ramirez,  and Logan Sparrow.

We have also worked with the Planning Department and want to express our appreciation to them as well particularly Micah Diaz and Rudy Nino. 







ADU Amendment 23-6 T1NC UDC Committee Concerns and Response by NHSD/DSD