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Important Information about 22-21: Neighborhood Plans and Future Land Use

Please read the information about the Planning Department's 22-21 so that you can comment.


Using amendment number, residents are strongly urged to leave  comments about the T1NC amendments at https://www.sanantonio.gov/DSD/Resources/Codes/UDC-Amendment-Comments


Important Update May 9, 2022


All of our neighborhood proposed UDC Amendments were  supported by the Planning Commission thanks to Councilman Courage and neighborhood voices. 

OUR SUCCESS IS BECAUSE OF YOU! Neighborhood leaders and residents across the city sent letters and left voice comments. It was pretty hard to ignore our issues when so many residents stood up for their neighborhoods.

The UDC codes are the key to stabilizing our neighborhoods. T1NC UDC amendments 16-1 through 16-13 that are a result of neighborhood concerns across San Antonio on issues of the public participation process, incompatible development, short term rentals (STRs), Neighborhood Plans, and the regulation of gas stations in residential areas. We were very happy to note and support GEAA’s water management amendments and other amendments from neighborhoods.

We have worked extensively with Development Services Department (DSD) to refine and edit our amendments so that they have the greatest chance of success. We want to express our appreciation to the staff, particularly to Catherine Hernandez, Melissa Ramirez,  and Logan Sparrow.

We have also worked with the Planning Department and want to express our appreciation to them as well particularly Micah Diaz and Rudy Nino. 

Most of our amendments have been supported at PCTAC. Several amendments have been withdrawn, but their most important elements were rolled into other amendments.

Most of our amendments will go back to the Planning Commission, and then to various boards and commissions before it goes to the City Council for adoptions. 

These amendments will need support every step of the way. They could get changed or dropped. In the end we will need Council support which comes from citizen input.

We will need more letters and voice input at future hearings and often we will not have much time to create support.

When we need your support again at the Planning Commission and other boards and commissions as they move through the process:

Keep your letters handy to resend and your messages to comment when contacted










16-1: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-2: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-3: Withdrawn

16-4: Scheduled for PCTAC 5/9

16-5: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-6: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-7: Recommended Denial by PCTAC

16-8: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-9: Withdrawn

16-10: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-11: Withdrawn

16-12: Recommended Approval by PCTAC with edits

16-13: Recommended Approval by PCTAC

To be head by PCTAC on Monday, 05/09/22:

16-4 - Gas Station

16-7 Neighborhood Plan Protection

All the latest versions and status can also be found on  Proposed UDC Amendment Tracking PDF that DSD updates the day after each PCTAC meeting.




UDC Amendment Process Information

Unified Development Codes (UDC) are extremely important to our neighborhood as they guide all development and changes to our built environment. Every five years the UDC undergoes an  amendment process. The amendments are limited to clarifications, edits,  and RIDs (interpretations) and anything that is outside of this criteria, must be sponsored by the Planning Commission.

Tier One Neighborhood Coalition (T1NC) members have submitted 13 amendments from its member neighborhoods on issues of the public participation process, short term rentals, gas stations in residential areas, neighborhood plans, and amendments that remedy codes that developers have used to build incompatible projects.

Now the Planning Commission, which has not been particularly friendly to neighborhoods in the past, must sponsor. If they fail to sponsor, the amendments will go no further. If the PC does sponsor any T1 amendments, they will be referred back to PCTAC. The system seems to discourage "outside" amendments, those amendments that are recommended by those who are not city departments or boards or commissions.

We need to build public support before the February 22nd meeting of the Planning Commission.

  1. Read the T1NC UDC Amendments
  2. Using the amendment number, please leave a public comment
  3. As soon as the Planning Commission posts its agenda and allows for public comment, please write letters, leave comments, or best, come in person to speak. We will make available template letters and talking points to use if you choose. 

View all of the UDC Amendments. 

All of the amendments begin at PCTAC, and then proceed through the following: Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments (BoA), Historic Design Review Commission (HDRC) if applicable, and additional boards and commissions, with final approval by City Council.

UDC Amendment Fact Sheet


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